This week Andrea and I got to visit Polaris at the heart of downtown Iloilo in Mapa st. A place where you can play billiards and enjoy good food, the place has been operating for more than 13 years. Located near the headquarters of Queenbank and Bombo Radyo, there's a small alley (photo below) with jewelry shops and other small businesses. On the side of Jardeleza building, there are stairs that lead to a door and another set of stairs going up. It's not really that hard to find because there's a sign below that directs you to the place.

The place is so cool that it served as a perfect sanctuary from the summer heat. I was amazed to see a place so clean and well-kept despite being tucked inside the building in downtown. I suggest you also see the place to feel the great ambiance and most importantly, enjoy their delicious and affordable food. There's a stage where guests who want to jam are free to do so. They also have a KTV if you want.

I was glad to have visited the place because it doesn't really look like one of those fancy coffee shops or restos that you have almost everywhere now. For them to have lasted for more than 13 years is really something! People nowadays are always on the search for a new place to stay and eat and most of the time it takes them months to come back to the place most especially when their experience is not that good. The moment I stepped inside I said, "Andrea, let's bring Nana and the rest of the bloggers here for a fun shoot! The staff and management are really nice and accommodating, some of them have also been working here for years. That's really something, ha!
First,, we had their must-try burger. The patty with its mustard and other ingredients really tasted good. Everything there has no MSG. I also liked the potato wedges and its dip. What's really interesting about this burger is that before it was only available for dine-in but government office employees nearby including the City Hall people loved it and they wished to have it. For P58.00 you can enjoy this burger and get to help others too. Many patients in the pedia ward of Western Visayas Medical Center through the




A special Mother's Day celebration at The Promenade

Over the years, the celebration of Mother's Day has become more popular, colorful, bigger and more memorable. We try to prepare something special and new every year to constantly express our love and gratitude to the person who has sacrificed a lot for us. Though simple things like giving them flowers and greeting them personally should not be missed, going out for lunch or dinner is also a great way to enjoy the occasion. 

It's been quite some time since we had buffet together as a family so I thought of going to The Promenade a day before since I was already at the Atrium Mall. I reserved the newly-renovated area near the entrance where they used to place the food, now the buffet tables are on the opposite side. 

Upon arrival last Sunday, Mom's were given a special gift. I went straight away to grilling area to check out what's the special dish of the day. Thank heavens, there's lechon! I just love how crispy the skin and how tasty it was, so juicylicious!
The Promenade has done a great job in preparing not only the dishes and desserts served but the total Mother's Day experience. We were surrounded by other families and I could really sense that they were also having a great time. With this special day, it is expected that there's really a lot of guests today and everyone running the kitchen & the staff really did a great job, so kudos to them! Our good friend, sir George was all over the area making sure everything's done right.

The last time we ate out, my Mom was disappointed with the food and the service at a non-local restaurant somewhere. Hahaha! So I was relieved this time when I asked how she felt ans she answered, "Namit ang food." In buffets, it's always guaranteed that you will never leave hungry but it doesn't mean that all the dishes served were great. The Promenade, in fairness has never failed in meeting the guests' expectations ever since. 
 So thank you, Days Hotel Iloilo for making Mom's Day more special. Everyone left with not just full stomachs but with hearts full of love! 

The Promenade is located at the 4th floor of the Atrium Mall/ Days Hotel.
Daybreak: breakfast buffet- everyday 6-9AM
International Daily Lunch Buffet- Mon.-Fri. 11AM-2PM
Meshi: Japanese Buffet Dinner every Wednesday from 6PM-10PM
Indulgence: Dinner Buffet every Saturday from 6PM-10PM
Family Feast: Lunch Buffet every Sunday 11AM-2PM

For inquiries and reservations call:
337-3297 or 336-8801 to 10 or 0917-7003297 or 0918-9333297

San Jose Cafe in SM Southpoint

San Jose Cafe's 2nd branch opened at the Southpoint a few months ago. I have always liked its ambiance, feel and quality of coffee served. It's one of the local coffeeshops that's well-received by the Ilonggos. I guess one reasons for its success is the location though surrounded by many competitors, it's still somehow located just outside the mall where a lot of people go to. And the Southpoint is one of the places to be when you want to try new flavors and hang out outside the mall.
The look may be of a typical cafe but more importantly, the whole experience doesn't disappoint. One time after taking my father to Mandurriao early morning, I went around Diversion Road for some nice coffee to get rid of the "zombie feel". It looks like everybody's favorite and the first Starbucks in Iloilo at the mall's southpoint entrance has been closed- maybe for renovation has closed down. Anyways, that was the place to be if you want to have coffee as early as 7am within SM City Iloilo. Though the latest Starbucks to open is located inside the mall, I headed to Southpoint first to see if there was something open that early. Indeed there is! Only San Jose Cafe.
After deciding to stay there for my coffee fix, I went inside and surprisingly, it was quite cool already! Thanks heaven! It felt like I had the cafe to myself since I was the only customer but it was nice to see more people coming in soon. It simply shows that there is a market for early morning coffee in that area. Anyways, I don't really have much to say about the staff, they were nice and courteous, as expected of course.
There are also more things that I observe when checking out cafes for the first time aside from temperature and ambiance, it's their furniture, lighting, connectivity and whether or not they have newspapers. Yes,  just feel like it's integral for cafes to have newspapers. Though we now live in a modern world where even news is readily available online, I've always been a fan of the print industry. It's just so different. 
A mochachino for me, dear! To have freshly brewed coffee with milk in the morning is just divine! It's really like fuel that gets my system running sharply. Hahaha! I asked if they have a supplier for their cakes and the staff said that it came from their commissary, I thought it came from Maridel's because I saw this Potato Praline Cake, of course the famous one that earned Madame Maridel Uygongco a gold medal in a competition in Manila. I just didn't ask further if it also didn't have flour because I was more interested in the Banana cake, my favorite!  
After being away from the City of Love for almost six months, I know that I've missed a lot of cafe and restaurant openings. I've visited some already but I have more on my list. Seeing and experiencing various restaurants and cafes in Manila have given me a different perspective in doing what I like to do. Expect more from this site. :D