Parillahan - Inasal Lovers Home, San Jose, Antique

Parillahan- Inasal Lovers Home is Antique's pride chicken inasal that is located not too far from the town plaza of San Jose. It's the resto-bar that one should not miss when visiting the province.

"Parillahan is the place for inasal lovers. Chicken inasal is a common and popular dish, using soy sauce and different seasoning ingredients for its marinade. Basting the sauce and the smoke in grilling also imbibes the marinade that creates a unique flavor and aroma to the inasal. The chicken inasal is best eaten with either plain or garlic rice and achara (papaya pickles). Aside from chicken inasal, its range of tempting dishes includes sizzling sisig, crispy pata, grilled pork liempo, baby back ribs and many other choices."

The following photos are taken from sabong.net.ph:

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