Tinapayan Pasalubong Now Available @ Coffeebreak, Iloilo International Airport

Looking for the perfect and most delicious pasalubong from Iloilo? Just look for anything with a Tinapayan label. 

And now, Tinapayan pasalubong items are now available at Coffeebreak Pre-Departure area. While sipping your favorite Coffeebreak drink and while waiting for your flight, you can shop for delicious pasalubong. Choose from a wide variety available on the Coffeebreak racks. Pick from delicious Tinapayan specialties like classic Biscocho, Crunchy Mango, Raspberry, Pinipig, Pili, Cinnamon twist, a variety of yummy meringue. Banana Chips, Rosquillos, and a lot more irresistible goodies. 

Coffeebreak and Tinapayan has partnered to offer travelers, tourists, and food lovers a terrific line of great-tasting pasalubong for your friends and loved ones.

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