BANANA SMOOTHIES at Nothing but Desserts

With the day’s painful but glorious heat, there can be no denying. Summer is here!

And what is summer if we don’t indulge in some fruity delight?

These days, if you visit Nothing but Desserts, you will be enthralled with its newly launch Banana Smoothies.

Real fruity, delicious, and creamy, Nothing but Desserts’ summer Banana Smoothies will definitely bring out the summer foodie in you. 

After a luscious serving of your favorite dessert, order a glass of smoothie to make your treat more delicious. Choose from the classic sweet Banoffee, Banana Split, Choco Banana, Strawberry Banana, Raspberry Banana, Mango Banana, and Peach Banana. Served in indulgent servings, banana in every taste, these smoothies will surely be a satisfying toast to a great summer!

 (Nothing but Desserts is located at The Avenue complex, Glicerio Pison Avenue, Smallville, Brgy. San Rafael, Mandurriao Iloilo City. For reservations call, 3295815)   

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