Chocolate Temptations Desserts Buffet

Thanks to the Management of Days Hotel Iloilo for having us in the launching of the month-long CHOCOLATE TEMPTATIONS DESSERTS BUFFET every FRIDAY, SATURDAY and SUNDAY for only P200.00 per person at the Promenade Restaurant last night. 

 It was surely an overload of our beloved FRENCH MACARONS! For me it was the star of every plate since this offering is only exclusive for a month. These sumptuous desserts were prepared by Chef Day-an Tong. SCHOKO's passion and innovation for chocolate in Indonesia can now be tasted in every dessert served at Days' dessert buffet! The Promenade Restaurant is located at the 4th Floor of the ATRIUM MALL in Bonifacio Drive-Gen. Luna st., Iloilo City.


"Dakasi Milk Tea incident" affects other Milk Tea businesses across Iloilo City

Business establishments selling milk teas around Iloilo City expressed their concerns over the sudden drop of customers who patronize their products after the claimed milk tea poisoning at Dakasi occurred last week. 

Mr. Ho of Sharetea Iloilo (located at the Vertex Complex) yesterday agreed that no one wished for the incident to happen but admitted that their milk tea house is also affected since there was a significant drop of customers who visit their place after the news broke out that someone died and several others were hospitalized after consuming milk teas at the nearby Dakasi Milk Tea House. Though relatives of the deceased denied blaming Dakasi for their loss, still numerous patiens who claim to be victims of the poisoning filed reports at the Mandurriao Police station. 
Sample of different ingredients were sent to laboratories in UPV Miag-ao and Manila. Results of the on-going investigation done by the Department of Health is said to be released on Monday. Meanwhile, Dakasi was ordered by the City Health Office to be closed for the mean time until the investigation is done. The head office Dakasi Philippines, issued a statement on social media platform Twitter expressing their concerns for the reported cases but reminded everyone to keep calm until the results of the investigation is released. 

If ever the preparation of the egg pudding will be declared the cause of the reported incidents, we'll just have to find out what measures will be done by Dakasi for their customers who decided to file reports.

One of my best friends, Krishia Mei was one of the customers who drank milk tea with egg pudding at Dakasi last September 24, 2013. She was rushed to St. Paul's Hospital for treatment and just got out today. On the right is Tina, the avid fan of ShareTea.

As we discussed with Mr. Ho last night, I explained that my hospitalized friend and I have been fans of Dakasi while Tina was on her side. In fact, we were one of the first customers who tried and promoted it. Their staff too were friendly and very welcoming. We were like the other customers who love to patronize milk teas. But it seems that the milk tea craze in the city is in for a big break because everyone is still cautious of drinking it.

At some point it may really be unfair for the other owners of milk tea businesses and their employees to endure the effects brought about by the said incident at Dakasi, we hope that if ever Dakasi will be back in business they will really make sure that their employees are securing the quality of their products, as well as with the other businesses preparing and serving perishable meals in different restaurants, cafes and other dinning establishments.

I too may have contributed to the breakout of news in the social media as I posted several information regarding what happened that day until several friends from the press asked me for more info and later in the afternoon, the evening and until the following days, it was all over the tri-media. Despite being a fan of Dakasi, I had no regrets in helping the news spread since I was not only concerned of my friend, but everyone in general. 

Ilonggos are no doubt food lovers and sooner or later, we will move on from this dark chapter but will always keep in mind the lessons learned from this experience.

As a friend states, "it is now the best time to try milk teas once more because they are really ensuring the quality of their ingredients."

As of June 2014, Dakasi has reopened without giving any assistance to their victims. So many questions are still left unanswered, its no wonder that almost no one is patronizing their milk teas anymore.

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