Joyjoy's Seafood Restaurant

Had lunch at Joyjoy's Seafood Restaurant's branch in Nabitasan, Leganes lately. I wanted to eat catfish and baked talaba or oyster but it was not available. Good thing the chicken inasal was juicy and cooked to perfection. The stuffed squid looked fine and I just knew it was fresh. The best thing that we had was the adobado nga alimusan. It felt like eating catfish since you can really savor the fatty part of it! But hey, no guilt because fish fat is really good for the health. Cooked in coconut milk, this dish was really something.
The place was just fine as it was like dining in a huge bahay kubo. I hope more restaurants here in Iloilo like Joyjoy's will give more attention to the "beautification" of their place. If I was not too pleased with their dishes, I would never come back because it was too far from the city- a long drive at the coastal road towards this place where many vehicles are parked for lunch. Maybe perfect for those who are on the road for distant travel towards Dumangas, Barotac or etc., but all in all it was not disappointing. Please level up lang gamay sa place kag pa add dessert ha.... Kay namit gd d!