Lighthouse Resto + Bar

One of the newest and interesting Mediterranean restaurants that opened up in the city recently is Lighthouse. Situated at the old site of the now defunct Tijuana in Gen. Luna, this restaurant is another addition to the numerous restaurants that line-up in between the city's old and new business districts. Its interiors upon entering are really impressive. They also have a reserved function space for private parties or whenever there's just too many people dining. 

 Kani Sarada Salad 
 French Onion Soup
 Oyster Rockefeller
Shank Steak
Baby Backribs
Crispy Belly
Chicken Cordon Bleu 

Sans Rival
Choco Lava Cake
Our complimentary dessert- Corn Flakes in Chocolate

Lighthouse Resto+Bar
58 Gen. Luna, Iloilo City 
They open at 11:00 Noon and closes at 11:00PM.
You may contact them at 330 2551 or 09177000675 for reservations.


I recently saw on the Mayor's FB Page that this restaurant now has an Alfresco dining with the view of the Iloilo River. Something to look forward to when I return there.

Aside from their Sans Rival and the ever-tempting Choco Lava Cake, the Iloilo Bloggers got to savor Lighthouse's new dessert offerings after our dinner-meeting sponsored by Globe!
Apple Pie
Creme Brulee
Fried Ice Cream
Mango dessert


Don Rite Gourmet Food

 Here in Iloilo, one of the most hospitable ways of treating guests is by simply having good conversation over well-prepared food. And for most of us, food prepared when visitors are expected can't just be well. Ilonggos are known to have high standards starting from choosing the right and fresh ingredients from the market, cooking perfectly as to how our relatives have taught us and serving it attractively that will surely make the visitors want to taste it even before the prayer.

That was the exact feeling that I had at the early dinner prepared for us by the Maravilla Family of Don Rite Gourmet Food in Lapuz. Pronounced as "done right", Don Rite sausages and their other products are particularly prepared to ensure that they're making it accurately. In fact, German Chef Will Braun is now focused on working for this company after spearheading the kitchen at Malacanang Palace and several hotels in Cebu and Manila. "I have cooked for several of your presidents..." he said.

Located beside the Iloilo River overlooking the Provincial Capitol, this place will soon be the site of Don Rite's Tapa Bar.
Chef Braun prepares the Don Rite Products for tasting.
Sir Francis touring the Iloilo Bloggers at their production site.
We first savored the Danish Pork Liver Pate wrapped in bacon with Cranberries after touring the facility. I placed some of it on top of a sliced german bread and my first bite was exquisite. I just knew then that it was just the start of the exciting night ahead. The sun slowly came running down as we photographed each dish placed on our table for tasting while having conversation with Miss Jong of V Weddings Magazine and our hosts. 
don rite gourmet food sausages iloilo supermart cafe ilonggo
 Sir Francis Maravilla asked me which among the liver pates did I like the most, the pork or the Adobo Flavored Chicken one on the photo below. At first, my choice was the danish pork that was perfectly complemented by the cranberries. But I ended up having more of the chicken liver pate until I finally confessed to have liked the second one more already. According to him, they also have the plain chicken flavor but someone pursued him to try out other flavors such as the well-loved Filipino dish- the Adobo.
don rite gourmet food sausages iloilo supermart cafe ilonggo
don rite gourmet food sausages iloilo supermart cafe ilonggo
German Bread
Air-dried meat products- Italian style ham (inside), Salametti (outside) and the Pepper bites (below). 
don rite gourmet food sausages iloilo supermart cafe ilonggo
 For our starters, we had the Yellow Tail Chardonnay Australian Wine. We then had the German-style Potato Salad.
 This is the Chow Chow, the dipping sauce for the sausages, ham & etc.
 Italian Garlic Sausage:
don rite gourmet food sausages iloilo supermart cafe ilonggo
 Smoked Cheese Krainer Sausage
 Smoked Kielbasa Sausage:
 Homemade Grillen Onion Sausage:
don rite gourmet food sausages iloilo supermart cafe ilonggo
 For these main dishes, we had the Chateau Grand Jour Red Wine from Bordeaux, France.
don rite gourmet food sausages iloilo supermart cafe ilonggo
 It was already dark but the sumptuous Backribs in their signature BBQ sauce was just served. More guests arrived and we had more wine. Good company with great food and conversations made the night truly more enjoying and worthy reminiscing someday. As part of tradition, everyone was given the time to tell their hearts desire and share their new learnings.
 Don Rite Gourmet Products are sold at all Iloilo Supermart branches. For inquiries, please call 336 3912.
Check out their fan page here.


Freska offers the Best Ilonggo Buffet EVERYDAY!

freska ilonggo buffet iloilo ayala technohub iloilo city
Here in Iloilo City, food is usually part of our tourism. Whenever we have family coming home or friends who visit Iloilo, we would usually treat them to a lavish food trip in various destinations such as La Paz Market for the La Paz Batchoy, Villa Beach for Seafood and around the city for the ultimate dessert. At home, we also tend to prepare dishes that are native to us- the ones that would truly struck our visitors to come back in the City of Love for more food trips!

But sometimes, when we don't have the luxury of time to bring them around to taste every Ilonggo dish that we're proud of, we ask if where can we take them- somewhere new that our guests have never been to before. 

Now, we have Freska located at Ayala Technohub building in Smallville Complex for that ultimate Iloilo lunch or dinner. I was in Jaro at Central Philippine University, my alma mater in college last week for the Creative Thinking Seminar by former Disneyland Themepark designer, Imagineer and motivation spealer C. McNair Wilson. When it was time for lunch, I quickly escaped to join my friends for lunch here at Freska.

I was surprised to see the Imbao shells again! This time, it had aligue!
freska ilonggo buffet iloilo ayala technohub smallville iloilo city
The Kansi was also one of my top favorites along with the chicken with honey and the pork sinigang.

The appetizers were kinilaw nga talaba, bacon and potato salad, macaroni salad, kilawin nga isda, green mango slices, okra slices, red egg and some rustic kang kong.
freska ilonggo buffet iloilo ayala technohub smallville iloilo city
 Some of my top favorites that day are the following:
 Imbao shells with aligue
 Chicken slices with honey
and the must-have halo-halo topped with ube sorbetes for dessert.
Thanks again to Freska for having me and my friends for lunch. They also have buffets for dinner.
So if you haven't been to Freska at Ayala Technohub building at Smallville, try it now.


The Promenade relaunches its International Daily Lunch Buffet

Iloilo City's premier buffet destination- The Promenade at Days Hotel Iloilo relaunched its International Daily Buffet with newest selections of sumptuous dishes that are guarantees to fuel you up for the rest of the busy day ahead. From work, I was lucky enough to be there before 11:00 to take some photos while the staff were still busy preparing.

What caught my attention first was the FRIED RICE station. I just love fried rice! From Yang Chow, Japanese or your choice of mix and match ingredients for that perfect plate of fried rice, this is surely one of the first stations to visit during MONDAYS. Yes, this is available every Mondays. The hotel promises to have something new every four months for their lunch buffets. It's really something to look forward to. 
Ham, mushrooms, chorizo bilbao, egg omelette and other ingredients for the friend rice of your choice.
Don't forget your table number and to take with you the plate number so that they will know (or at least just tell them) where you're seated. 

On Tuesday, they will have dim sums and the noodle station on Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to dine there again on Wednesday since it will be my first time to try their noodle station.
Of course, the refreshing salad station! I just love having pineapple chunks with my salad. And oh, the thousand island dressing.
For the appetizers we had calamares, the potato thing and some sio paos. 

Beef noodles:
Salad made of cucumbers, crabmeat and some mango dressing.
For the main course, of course more veggies- steamed this time.
Seafood Curry! This really was my favorite! I just love it! I just had the fish though since I had too much squid in the appetizers already.

Calamansi juice:
And for the desserts, we had Reese's Peanut Butter cake, a chocolate cake, jackfruit parfaits and other flavors such as almond, chocolate, orange duo, some caramel cheesecake and the always-present cream brulee!
With the heat of the summer sun outside, who would not want to have halo-halo first before going back to work? I just love it here at the Promenade. They always offer something new and interesting to their customers. Lunch buffets in the city of love can just be more exciting!

For reservations call: 033-3373297

What made yesterday a more special day was the celebration of our good friend Miss Melody Mae Denate's birthday! How can it be soo perfect to celebrate one's birthday with family, friends and sumptuous dishes over lunch at the Promenade!