Freska offers the Best Ilonggo Buffet EVERYDAY!

freska ilonggo buffet iloilo ayala technohub iloilo city
Here in Iloilo City, food is usually part of our tourism. Whenever we have family coming home or friends who visit Iloilo, we would usually treat them to a lavish food trip in various destinations such as La Paz Market for the La Paz Batchoy, Villa Beach for Seafood and around the city for the ultimate dessert. At home, we also tend to prepare dishes that are native to us- the ones that would truly struck our visitors to come back in the City of Love for more food trips!

But sometimes, when we don't have the luxury of time to bring them around to taste every Ilonggo dish that we're proud of, we ask if where can we take them- somewhere new that our guests have never been to before. 

Now, we have Freska located at Ayala Technohub building in Smallville Complex for that ultimate Iloilo lunch or dinner. I was in Jaro at Central Philippine University, my alma mater in college last week for the Creative Thinking Seminar by former Disneyland Themepark designer, Imagineer and motivation spealer C. McNair Wilson. When it was time for lunch, I quickly escaped to join my friends for lunch here at Freska.

I was surprised to see the Imbao shells again! This time, it had aligue!
freska ilonggo buffet iloilo ayala technohub smallville iloilo city
The Kansi was also one of my top favorites along with the chicken with honey and the pork sinigang.

The appetizers were kinilaw nga talaba, bacon and potato salad, macaroni salad, kilawin nga isda, green mango slices, okra slices, red egg and some rustic kang kong.
freska ilonggo buffet iloilo ayala technohub smallville iloilo city
 Some of my top favorites that day are the following:
 Imbao shells with aligue
 Chicken slices with honey
and the must-have halo-halo topped with ube sorbetes for dessert.
Thanks again to Freska for having me and my friends for lunch. They also have buffets for dinner.
So if you haven't been to Freska at Ayala Technohub building at Smallville, try it now.