Dakasi or Sharetea?

dakasi milk tea sharetea iloilo ayala smallville

When Dakasi first opened up in Iloilo City, I admit that I was one of their first customers. I can still remember passing by at Ayala Technohub building in Smallville complex one Sunday afternoon and stopped by to see what was new there. I came in and looked if there was something interesting to try. Their staff were very welcoming... most especially Cedrick- their quality/operations officer from Manila. For several times that I've been there, their staff have already recognize me and it surely was my favorite milktea place in the city after trying out some other brands. 

Soon after, Cedrick returned to Luzon. The store was in the hands of the rest of their staff. Many people have also flocked to buy their favorite milk teas. 

And then the first and unexpected milk tea poisoning incident happened in Iloilo at Dakasi. Everyone was shocked, text messages spread out and it reached the media and the attention of anyone concerned in the government. After so many months have passed, tests were conducted and news broke out that their ingredients were contaminated. No assistance were given to their alleged victims.

Now, as I passed by at the re-opened Dakasi Milk Tea, it was never the same. I guess, majority of the Ilonggos don't want to drink their milk teas anymore. But for the other milk tea brands that suffered after being affected by the incident like Sharetea, their loyal customers are still there.

I guess now when you ask the Ilonggos if what milk teas would they want to have, it can just be Sharetea, Moonleaf, Bubbalicious, Bonappeaea, Trea House and etc. but not Dakasi anymore. 

How about you?