Dova Brunch Cafe in La Paz (Updated: October '14)

If breakfast is out for you, BRUNCH may definitely be IN! Even at night! Dova Brunch Cafe is the ultimate chic and newest hangout place around La Paz Plaza. But it's not really the cozy and the nice interiors that made me want to go there- the FOOD! Who loves Afrique's Gourmet Salads, Pizzas and Pastas?

Yes! It's Chef Miguel CorDOVA's newest project! Bringing good food here in Iloilo with a twist! Bruch in Fashion! After a few shots with the camera and the obligatory self post, I just can't help but dig in to their newest offerings! Something that's just new to most of us here.
 Cornflake fried Chicken & Waffle

 Egg Pasta
 Beef Brisket
Ham Omelette
Cheese Ball Appetizer
and yours truly! Hehe. Dova is located in Huervana Extension st. (across the La Paz Plaza Lagoon), La Paz, Iloilo City. They're open from 9AM to 9PM.

Being a resident of La Paz District, I was really excited when I knew that a cafe has opened up across the street of the plaza's tennis court. A meat shop once owned that spot and now that this place is brightened up once more, it's now back to business as a food destination. These past few months this blog post has never left the top spot on my blog's Top Ten list. And this has been just my first visit. Having a bessie who loves to dine there, we've been actually back to this place several times and have tried more of what Chef Miguel has to offer. He's actually there every time we visit. CorDOVA is simply synonymous to "greet" atmosphere, fine cooking and great taste dishes!

Its simply a delight to snap at these dishes! No wonder the hashtag #dova on instagram is a hit! The presentation of their food are really picture-perfect. Surely the looks and the taste of the food here are worth every Peso that guests pay.