Buon Gelato

More reasons for us gelato and coffee lovers to celebrate as Buon Gelato opened up here in the heart of Iloilo City at Robinson's Place Iloilo. Located near Chika-an in the mall's main entrance at Ledesma wing, mall goers can have more reason to stay longer and enjoy "good (buon) gelato" in this fun mall. I was personally surprised to see additional choices of hot drinks and cold beverages in their offerings aside from their main product which is gelato as compared to the former Icepot that was in this place.

This cafe is solely-owned by Mr. Willy and Mrs. Rowena Ubas, the franchisee of Chika-an. They once dreamed of bringing imported gelato from Italy, the comfy & chic interior and furniture designs inspired from their favorite coffee shops in South Korea and still have our love for gelato as Filipinos.     

Lemon, Strawberry and Pineapple
Pineapple, Cream Wallnut and Mascarpone

Chocolate Fondant

Cookie and Choco Gelaccino
Caramel Macchiatto
Affrogato: Part coffee, part dessert, all sweetness! The Afrogatto takes your short black and pours it over a small scoop of creamy vanilla gelato. What a concept!


hotels in iloilo said...

Madami masarap na pagkaen sa iloilo ^^

Jonha said...

Greggy, till what time ni sila open man?