Tinapayan Bakeshop's Sinful Desire 2014 Weeks 1-3

One of the most exciting events of the year is the Chocolate Festival by Tinapayan Bakeshop. Every year students from different Home and Restaurant Management & Culinary schools compete against each other to win the top spot. That is just the main event. I'm really looking forward to their featured cakes, bars and donuts every week. Yes, donuts! This years Sinful Desires also has donuts. We just love them so much.

Week 3:
Week 2:
Week 1:
 Nutty Caramel Mousse Cake
Choco Strawberry Mousse Bar
White Choco Crunch Bar
Toblerone Donut
 Don't forget to bring home and try the Cookies & Cream Dip! All you need is a cup of hot milk.
Just dip & stir until it melts. :D


Amalfi Cucina Italiana for my bro's bdae

Every August 21st our family doesn't only observe Ninoy Aquino Day, we celebrate my younger brother's birthday! This year, both of our parents were in Manila so we headed to The Avenue in Smallville complex to dine at Amalfi Cucina Italiani- one of the best restaurants in the Philippines as recognized by Philippine Tatler mag.