US Beef Liver Steak & Sisig at Floyd's

Chicken liver is one of the things that I like to eat on sticks from the food stalls found mainly in the streets (though not very often). Oftentimes pork liver is also available but never Premium US Beef. At Floyd's Ayala Technohub in Smallville Complex, we tried their newest offerings- Beef liver steak and sisig from the USA. Surprisingly, it's very much affordable too! We're not even talking about the taste here. 

But before eating, here are two things that you need to know about Beef Liver Steaks. First, it should be tender. If there are too many fibers (most especially coming from the center), don't expect it to be soft. For this steak below in the photo? Perfect! They pick the right ones to cook and not those with fibers running all throughout the meat.
Second, after slicing, the color inside should be pink and not red. Another check here! You can never chew an overcooked liver very well. Toughness matters. The taste was good too! It was a great lunch. Try out their sisig too.
 Alcohol is served at Floyd's too. Can you just imagine pairing this with a few bottles of beer? Nothing compares!
 Floyd's has several branches around Iloilo City. Visit them at Plazuela de Iloilo @ Diversion road, Ayala Technohub in Smallville complex, Nelly Gardens @ Jaro and at the 3rd Level of the Atrium Mall @ cor. Bonifacio Drive-Gen. Luna sts.

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