Holiday Specials at the Avenue

Holiday season is truly one of the best times for food trips. Restaurants offer something special for the holidays and they're truly worth the try. We were at The Avenue in Smallville complex recently to savour some of the special offerings of Bauhinia Filipino Restaurant, Bourbon Street, Coffeebreak cafe and Nothing But Desserts.

Beef Liver in Tagalog sauce at Bauhinia
Crispy Bulalo at Bauhinia
Bourbon Street's Cajun US Beef Liver in Tomato and Mango salsa.
Kaffir Tea @ Bauhinia
Bauhinia's famous Iced Tea
Sizzling Crispy Sisig at Bauhinia. A must-try!
Miss Arv's favorite Pancit-Bihon. Yumyum!

More delectable dishes at Bauhinia in their instagram page:

At Nothing But desserts, we tried the Do It Yourself Apple Caramel with colorful, sweet, edible and bonggaceous decorations!
1. Dip 2. Sprinkle 3. Bite!

Thanks to the Management of Great Foods Inc., The Avenue and Chef Marjo & Maam Arvi! <3

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