Punot introduces Ilonggo Brunch

One of the restaurants that I usually recommend whenever people ask me where to dine in Iloilo City is Punot. This restaurant that started in the seafood-bounty town of Estancia, Iloilo has been well-loved by the people here in Iloilo City since they opened here at the Esplanade (also known as Riverside) Boardwalk in Smallville complex more than a year ago. By adding some modern twist to well-loved Ilonggo and other Filipino dishes, Punot has become one of the most innovative restos that still stays true to its purpose that is to serve good food. 

Chef Tope Arañador personally prepared these mouthwatering goodies as his sister, marketing-professional in Singapore, Andrea explained "Weekend Brunchin' @ Punot" plate by plate.

First, I was surprised to see Bucayo (caramelized young coconut meat) on top of the French Toast. I thought, "Why not?!" I think it's a genius combination plus the whipping cream. Very Filipino since coconut is abundant in our country. The taste? Heavenly!
ILONGGO TOAST: Punot's take on the classic French Toast- a sweet dish of Pan-fried bread with milk. Topping options include 1. BUCAYO (carmelized coconut meat) + cream, 2. Maple Banana Chips + cream and 3. Apple cinnamon + melted local cacao (chocolate).
Ilonggo Toast with Maple Banana Chips + cream
Next, we had Blueberries on top of Pancakes with whipping cream. This didn't impress me much at first because this one is commonly served elsewhere. For me, blueberries became one of the top new flavors in the recent years, everyone preferred it on top of their cheesecakes, muffins, pancakes or whatever. It really became famous lately. Available in cans from America, these berries are also known to posses anti-cancer compounds.

Just look closer at the pancakes and you will see that they're softer and thinner. It's simply because that these pancakes are made similar to crepes.
The traditional street Pinoy hotcakes- Punot style! Topped with 1. Blueberries and cream, it is also available with 2. Chocolate Ganache and 3. Dulceala Ube. I'm dying to taste the third one!
Ladies and gentlemen, lo and behold my favorite of them all- the Punot Ilonggo Brekky! Garlic rice topped with local classics that include longganisa, tapa strips, tocino, fried rice and danggit (dried fish)! You also have the option to add maple bacons, more sunny-side-up or scrambled eggs, ham and garlic rice. This meal is actually good for 2, 3 or even 4 (plus the add-ons of course). But starve me for 12 hours and I can eat all this up.
Punot Ilonggo Brekky
Eggs Benedict, a brunch staple that has poached eggs,pan de sal + Punot's special hollandaise sauce.
But the photo below has no meat, it comes with bangus (milkfish) an interesting combination to try also.
Eggs Benedict with Bangus
Inspired by the Spanish Croquettas, Punot's version has the local bayi-bayi inside.
Morning Glory- a refreshing combination of apple, orange, green mango & Punot's special syrup.

Caffe ala Italia:

Punot embraces the concept of slow food. An alternative to fastfood. They don't compromise on the quality of cooking- taking no shortcuts and only using the finest ingredients and freshest local produce. Their foods are indeed worth the wait.


PUNOT. Flavors of Modern Iloilo.
Esplanade Boardwalk, Diversion Road Iloilo.
Contact: 3209893

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