Satisfy your Holiday Cravings @ Steps of Rome

Members of the bloggers group and sir John Castigador from Panay News were in for a special treat at Steps of Rome- the launching of their Holiday Cravings. Chef Pauline Gorriceta-Banusing personally welcomed us all to this fine dining destination at Plazuela de Iloilo.

Spanish Chorizo, Bell Peppers, Smoked Salmon and Cheese Fritata served with toasts
Croque Madame with Mortadella Ham, Gruyere Cheese and Bechamel Sauce
Big Breakfast of the Champions
Big Breakfast of the Champions; a powerful combination of sausage, ham, Spanish chorizo, omelette, garlic rice and toast with jam.
Off the menu: Super-sized Fried Chicken
Cookie Butter, Jelly and Chocolate Warm Waffle with Cream

Belgian Waffle Dulce de Leche with Blueberries and Pistachio Cream
Try also their Creamy De Luxe Sandwich which was available at Try Me's before:

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