Avana Filipino Bistro

One of the newest restaurants that opened recently is Avana Filipino Bistro. It is located within the growing commercial complex with Cholabite Milk Tea at the Tabucan side of the Iloilo River Esplande. It is now open for lunch and dinner. This standalone restaurant has a wide space inside that can accommodate private parties and special functions. It also has a smaller room that can be turned into a more private venue or the dinning area for other guests when the main hall is exclusively reserved for events.

@ the other side of the restaurant facing the Iloilo River and the Esplanade

The main hall that can accommodate private functions

Chargrilled Stuffed Squid


Chargrilled Pork Belly

Grape shake

Four Seasons Juice

Mango shake

Baked Oysters

Crispy Tadyang

Shrimp Sinigang

Squid Adobo


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