Mr. Dac's Kutsinta

I must admit hearing Dac's kutsinta as one of the best from my food blogging mentor, Nong Jorry several times but have not tried it personally. Yesterday, Krishia and I were just killing time so we decided to go around and tried eating at Dac's. But unfortunately, they ran out of kutsinta. It is located at Osmena st. in a corner of Plaza Arevalo facing the Camina Bahay na Bato. It's actually just a small house with some space just enough for a few customers. The kitchen can be seen from the dining area. Their staff were all busy because after a few minutes when we arrived, several customers also came to dine in or take-out some of their available goodies such as puto, spaghetti, palabok, burgers and pizza.

 I was a bit surprised to find out that our bill was just 94.00. (softdrinks included). SO I just bought a plate of puto cheese and a piece of burger for my father. The whole humble setting didn't bother us at all to try their good food. And with the number of sukis or regular customers thet Dac's has, it has truly become an icon in the district. A place of its own where people identify it as a destination for delicious and affordable comfort food. Contact No. is 336-4063.

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