New favorites at Perri Todd's

Perri Todd's is back! It was once the city's most famous restaurant not only for its big-time burgers but because everything they served really tasted good. But after a few years, some people noticed that their burgers began to taste differently. The magic that was once in their servings slowly faded and their loyal customers went to other new restaurants. Much worse, they were closed for a few weeks because of some tax issues. Chef OJ Salazar admitted that he had other priorities during those times. But for me, it remained as one of my favorites over the years. I usually order their burgers with a slice of pineapple and their all-time favorite creamy carbonara.

Recently, I was on my way to Jaro Plaza for a taping with #KMJS when suddenly they informed that the schedule was moved. So I just decided to drop by at Perri Todds! The place always brings back memories with my high school and college friends. It was never too far away from us. 

Now, I'm glad to share with you some of their newest dishes!

Chicken and Mango Salad
Fish and Fries
Premium Burger with Bacon and Cheesy Mushroom Sauce
2-way Pork Ribs
Family-style Fried Chicken
 Watermelon and Mint Spa
 Thanks to the Management and Staff of Perri Todd's in Jaro for accommodating us bloggers!
Apple, Mythe & Pau Pestano, Raymart, Nonoy & sir John.

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