Sinful Desires 2015 Week 3

For October 5 to 11, Tinapayan Bakeshop's Sinful Desires Week 3 for this year's Chocolate Festival stars the Choco Rolo Baked Cheesecake. A perfect combination of cheesecake and chocolate layers with bits and toppings of Rolo or Chewy Caramel in Milk Chocolate. Sorrounded by thin chocolate columns that easily melts in your mouth and cream on top, this delightful creation doesn't only pleases the eyes but the palate too. Make sure to bring home this fine piece of sweet temptation! 

The Choco Hazelnut Bar is surely not to miss! With soft chewy layers of classic moist chocolate with Hzelnut topped with creM is truly irresistible.
Who can say no to Chocolate Smore's Bar

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