Papa Vomito Columbian Resto

 Recently, my dashing relative-fellow blogger Nana Jover invited me to vitsit her cousin's new Columbian restaurant in Guzman st., Mandurriao. I said yes right away since you really don't get to taste Columbian food always.
 Not too far from Imperial subdivision, Papa Vomito is located in one of the newly-built commercial building just along the road (to the right). Nana and her cousin, Ms. Rachel was already there to meet me when I arrived. Though not so spacious, it's still a  nice place to visit. They are also looking into expanding their space soon.
 Ms. Rachel had stayed in Columbia for more that 6 months and has liked their food ever since. She also pointed out that Filipino & Columbian dishes have similarities, considering both countries were colonized by Spain centuries ago.

This dish called Papas El Rodadero is a mix of fries, sausages, ham, chicken and papitas.
Also available Papas Sencillo (Fries, Sausage, Vegies, Cheese, Papitas, Egg)
Papas Pollo (Fries, Sausage, Chicken, Cheese, Vegies, Sauce, Papitas)

Perros (Hotdog)
- Classica
- Perrus Salvje 

Mazorca (Corn)
Pollo (Chicken) Desmenusado
Salchicha (Sausage)
Mixta - Chicken & Sausage