Ang Kamalig

We were back at Chef Miguel Trenas' Ang Kamalig this time for another round of Filipino dishes cooked with recipes handed down by elder members of their family. The restaurant's name is not new to the Ilonggos in fact when it opened in 2015, many recalled what used to be the Kamalig restaurant in downtown Iloilo. With impressive contemporary interiors such as wooden furniture that came from the trees that were uprooted in the family's garden during the past typhoons, Kamalig is more than just a business but a legacy.
Bistek Tagalog

Sizzling sisig

Sinigang na hipon

Nilusgusan na pasayan

Sizzling Kansi

Lola Amparing's Crispy Pata

Maja Blanca
Black Sambo

Molten Chocolate Cake

Buko Pandan with Icecream


Jollibee opening soon in La Paz

 With of all the developments arising all around Iloilo City, most especially at the new business district in Diversion Road, Mandurriao, La Paz is one of the 5 districts of the city that has seen little developments. Mainly because it is a residential area, a lot of this district's open land for future developments are situated away from the center towards north to Jaro and the Municipality of Dumangas. In that area is also where the 2 clean coal-fired powerplants are operating. 

Back to the center of the district, in front of the Market is where Jollibee is building its newest branch in the city. A waiting area for a lot of commuters, a 2-storey commercial building used to stand in the area. As a Lapaznon, I have grown buying goods at the place. Why am I stating this? Maybe because I just don't want to forget.

In the past few years we have seen a lot of changes in our city. Most of them developments in infrastructures, commercial establishments and even malls. And a lot of new openings include restaurants and cafes. How long will some of them last? Could the Ilonggos and tourists visiting be enough for them to last long? Well we all know that Jollibee is a big player and a game changer too.

So this development in our district is truly welcome. I guess there will also be a drive-thru in that branch. The bee who's loved by Filipinos is about to open in La Paz soon!