What's for Lunch at the Granary

Richmonde Hotel Iloilo is undoubtedly one of the finest hotels in Iloilo City. Standing tall at the heart of Iloilo Business Park, Megaworld Corporation's premiere township development in Western Visayas, the property also offers their best-tasting dishes at The Granary.

Fried Sisig Wraps 
Gratineed French Onion Soup – Caramelized onions in beef brother topped with baked mozzarella and Gruyere cheese

Salmon Papillote – Salmon wrapped in parchment paper and baked with julienned vegetables

Chicken Inasal

Fried Ice Cream for dessert!


Cafe Panay opens at Festive Walk

Café Panay, a home grown coffee shop serving authentic Ilonggo snack items, takes a bigger step to serve more clients with its extensive and sumptuous Ilonggo foods menu at the Festive Walk, Iloilo Business Park starting September 28, 2017. 
Cafe Panay Festive Walk Iloilo Business Park Megaworld Cafe Ilonggo

Cafe Panay Festive Walk Iloilo Business Park Megaworld Cafe Ilonggo
CAFÉ PANAY is a coffee/souvenir shop concept by PANAY TOURS SPECIALISTS, INC. (PTSI), a company primarily created to be a local tour wholesaler in Panay with a management team of professionals of solid and extensive backgrounds in the country’s tourism industry. 
Cafe Panay Festive Walk Iloilo Business Park Megaworld Cafe Ilonggo
The primary objective of Café Panay is to buy, showcase and sell produce of local farmers and producers. It is to provide a venue for local and international tourists to have a glimpse of what Panay and the rest of the region can offer for food products and other souvenir/homecoming gift items. Its objective is to offer tourists a taste of Ilonggo delicacies and snack items while enjoying Ilonggo hospitality in the relaxed old hacienda ambiance of the café. 

Cafe Panay Festive Walk Iloilo Business Park Megaworld Cafe Ilonggo

The café and souvenir shop started its operations last January 14, 2014 in a small 5-table shop at Rizal Street, Iloilo City. Two years after, it was invited to move to Molo Mansion, formerly, Yusay-Consing Mansion in order to cater to the delegates during the series of meetings hosted by Iloilo City for Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). Its “ibos” and “table tsokolate” statement in the local gastronomic circle was very well applauded by the foreign delegates during the APEC city tours. 
Cafe Panay Festive Walk Iloilo Business Park Megaworld Cafe Ilonggo
Cafe Panay Festive Walk Iloilo Business Park Megaworld Cafe Ilonggo
This September, Café Panay, as a full service restaurant will give its clients a complete dining experience from breakfast to dinner in a bigger, more relaxing mood of modern and rustic ambiance. It promises to keep its old time favourites in the menu and added more modern Lingo items for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Moreover, there will be more souvenir items to take home that will complement the total dining enjoyment of visitors. These will fill the shelves of the restaurant for that one-stop total tourist experience while in Panay. So whenever you are in Iloilo, magHapit Anay sa Café Panay.
Cafe Panay Festive Walk Iloilo Business Park Megaworld Cafe Ilonggo


Eat Healthy, Live Healthy

Healthy living is now becoming a major advocacy worldwide. With non-communicable diseases such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes still leading the cause of human demise everywhere, what we consume everyday becomes a concern because it is one of the major factors that cause these diseases. Of course equipped with a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, a good and balanced nutrition is very essential in maintaining life. Though its always easier said than done, we can always start somewhere.

Live by Healthy Kitchen just opened their second branch in the city at the 2nd floor of SM Southpoint to cater to the growing demand of healthy dishes. Providing several options from breakfast to dinner everyday, its just so exciting to come back oftentimes to try different meals thats surely good not only for our hearts but for our whole body as well.
Yogurt Granola and Fruits
Goi Con/Mixed Vietnamese Spring Roll

Gourmet Binakol Soup
Live Cooler, Mango Juice, Grape Juice, Lychee Juice, , Coconut Juice & the Cucumber Juice

Herb Roasted Garlic & Shrimp Pizza
Tofu Sisig
Single Dip Roti (Garlic Yogurt)
Ms. Myka Perlas of Live by Healhy Kitchen
Concept & Variety of Food 4.6/5
Taste & Value 4.5/5
Ambiance  & Accessibility 4.7/5
Service 4.8/5

Based on our experience, this restaurant is really outstanding. You can only find a few restaurants that really has an advocacy and cares for the well-being of its customers aside from business. Though we all know that organic food may be a little more costly than what's readily available in the market but if you look at it what can be more valued than having a healthy body and to live longer free from any disease.


Sweet Cravings by San Jose

Who doesn't love sweets? Well I know a couple of persons who have sweets at least once a year, Hehe. But most of us really crave for sweets once in a while. The doctors may advice to have it in moderation for health reasons but I guess there's nothing wrong in indulging into it once in a while (really! #oneinawhile). Haha! We were at Sweet Cravings by San Jose last time and I was surprised to see more food and drinks aside from the ones always posted on social media by some friends.

Though their cakes look pretty interesting, I just don't feel like its too mouth-watering. Except for the cheesecake!
Healthy Tonic Juices - not bad for 95. Fresh and healthy, cool!
Halo-halo! This I love! #shavedicedesserts

Sundae creations!

and last but not the least, this grilled cheese sandwich is really awesome.

 Sweet Cravings is located at the Ground FLoor of SM City Iloilo Southpoint.
Open during mall hours.

Carlo's Bakery launches its new Big Loaf

Carlo’s Bakeshop at 30 years
Carlo’s Bakeshop is on its 30th year of business in Panay Island. It has grown from its initial offer of cakes to now include breads and pastry,es aside from merienda, pasta, and other dishes.

Carlo’s has embarked on activities to celebrate their year-long anniversary and has given back to the loyal consumers. Some earlier activities were the launch of new products like the All Occasion Rolls Collection and its thanksgiving anniversary promo the Carlo’s Anniversary Blow Out where P35,000.00 worth of prizes such as a kitchen showcase, flat TV and washing machines are to be raffled away before the end of the year. They have also joined the City government’s Buluwanon na Nanay project last May to honor the mothers of Iloilo. Carlo’s has also identified the mother as a key component in the success of their business and has focused their activities this year on the family’s decision maker.
Yours truly as one of the judges in the Bulawanon nga Nanay
The next generation Trenas children who now run the company keep innovating and upgrading offers to the more demanding consumers, and try to keep up with the ever changing lifestyles of the consumers with their new products. 

New Carlo’s Big Loaf
This August, Carlo’s Bakeshop has launched the new Carlo’s Big Loaf as part of its anniversary celebration plans.

Months of planning and testing the product has resulted to the new Carlo’s BIG LOAF one can see now in shelves of leading supermarkets and suking tindahan. Definitely, one can see the changes in the way Carlo’s Bakeshop has made and marketed the Carlo’s Big Loaf from the actual product and its characteristics to its packaging and its ads.

“Consumers are changing and of course, you know even tastes change,” says Paolo Sarabia Trenas, Marketing Director of Carlo’s Bakeshop, “we keep making new products and improving on old favorites to cater to the ever altering needs of the consumers. Nowadays, with rising costs, mothers worry about feeding their family with good food, but making sure they are within budget. A practical mother is the super star of the family. ”

Miss Teen Iloilo royalties Sharon Idone, reigning queen Colleen Chan and April Rhose de Silva
Together with value for money, consumers want to know what the usual loaf of bread qualities are and they would be: 
  • Good taste even without palaman (consumers especially in Iloilo seem to like just the right kinf of sweetness in their bread which can make it stand alone with spread or without) 
  • Tenderness/Softness (which is why consumers squeeze the loaf in supermarkets) 
  • Buttery smell (which consumers attribute to bread tasting well) 
  • Color quality (not too white, not too yellow, because color in loaf would mean it uses too much preservatives and bread is processed bread) 
  • Freshness (bread normally expires after 7 days and get mold, if it stays any longer than 7 days, then it is processed bread with too much preservatives) 
Carlo’s Big Loaf is a loaf that has more than just what consumers look for. Carlo’s Big Loaf has added and emphasized its offer of being heavier at 720 grams. It is 50+ grams heavier than the leading competitor in Panay, making it actually the heaviest bread. At the same price of other loaves, customers get a bang for their buck at P57.50 ranging 8% more per gram. Bigger and with more slices now, mothers can now provide for breakfast, school baon, and merienda for the family. Carlo’s Big Loaf is indeed it is BIGATIN in weight and savings.

Indeed, practical mothers will choose the loaf which offers more and new Carlo’s Big Loaf is the best loaf for the practical moms of today.


Jamie's Steakroom introduces affordable lunch and snacks

Ilonggos and vistors can now enjoy a more affordable set of lunch and snack offerings at

It's my privilege to present you these new dishes that are truly delectable and light on the pocket. These are the by the way created by Chef Gab who has previously worked in one of the famous hotels in Manila (known for their lavish buffets). He personally presented to us over a tasting session these following dishes that are collectively known as their #LUNCHEXPRESS. Each serving costs P198.00 with steamed rice and house side salad with mango vinaigrette (though I'm not sure if they're still offering these with unli rice promo).
1. BBQ Spare Ribs 😋
2. Fish Fillet Teriyaki 😊
 3. Tenderloin Tips with House Mushroom Gravy 😋
4. Chicken Schnitzel 😊

And if you're visiting the mall during afternoon then you feel tired of roaming around and buying things or just waiting for the next schedule of movie, come and visit Jamie's at The Southpoint from SM City Iloilo's main mall by passing through their skybridge and enjoy these mouthwatering and affordable #AFTERNOONSNACKS

1. Chicken Burger 😊
Jamies Steakroom SM city iloilo food cafe restaurants foodtrip travel cafe ilonggo
 2. Surf Sandwich P130.00 😊
Jamies Steakroom SM city iloilo food cafe restaurants foodtrip travel cafe ilonggo
 3. Baked Mac & Cheese P130.00 😊
Jamies Steakroom SM city iloilo food cafe restaurants foodtrip travel cafe ilonggo
 4. Monte Cristo P150.00 😍
Jamies Steakroom SM city iloilo food cafe restaurants foodtrip travel cafe ilonggo
 5. Onion Steak Sandwich P150.00😋
6. Baked Penne P120.00 😊
If you ask me if these are already worth the cost, my answer would simply be "Very much indeed!"

Jamies Steakroom
2F, Southpoint
SM City Iloilo