Lapaz Market - a foodie's paradise!

Deco's has been one of my favorite batchoy brands. My mother & I even used to take home this lovely dish. The serving surely didn't disappoint as it was full of ingredients and the soup was really savory. A typical Ilonggo would usually finish the soup first and have another bowl. Some like to have this dish with egg, but this time we preferred to have it the original way.
What better way to offer a visiting friend in the city but a food trip at La Paz Market- one of Iloilo City's hottest destinations these past few years. I certainly believe that whenever one travels it is important to drop by in a nearby local market just to get a glimpse of the place's food and other products. And where else can you get the freshest and most affordable goods- at the tienda or merkado! Fortunately, our district's market is popularly known as the birthplace of La Paz Batchoy and we have several options to choose where to dine. So recently, my fellow blogging friends and I met up with Ely at Deco's (located outside the market). He's from Bacolod but has been living in Makati City for a long time- he loves batchoy.

Andrea, Zach, Ely, Nana, Raymart and moi.
We then went to La Paz Bakeshop and brought this roll of Ube Brazos de Mercedes to Magde Cafe (Yes, they don't mind! You can even request for someone in the cafe to buy one for you). But of course, hindi naman kami reyna, so bumili nalang kami before going there. And there's also more choices to choose from at the bakeshop, so it's really worth the visit. We Ilonggos are so laidback and relaxed nga naman kasi, diba. So hindi kami nagmamadali parati. Char! It's just that we enjoy our time.

And of course, we went inside the market and did not miss this primary attraction at Madge- "ang pagbuhos at pagsa-la ni ate ng  kape sa medyas". It is the city's longest-running coffee shop. Syempre, you might have heard that there's a lot of mugs on display- at marami sa kanila may pangalan pa. Maging suki po muna tayo bago mag-ambisyon magkaroon ng isa nyan jan. Hehe. So voila, we enjoyed our brazos and native coffee at Madge.