A special Mother's Day celebration at The Promenade

Over the years, the celebration of Mother's Day has become more popular, colorful, bigger and more memorable. We try to prepare something special and new every year to constantly express our love and gratitude to the person who has sacrificed a lot for us. Though simple things like giving them flowers and greeting them personally should not be missed, going out for lunch or dinner is also a great way to enjoy the occasion. 

It's been quite some time since we had buffet together as a family so I thought of going to The Promenade a day before since I was already at the Atrium Mall. I reserved the newly-renovated area near the entrance where they used to place the food, now the buffet tables are on the opposite side. 

Upon arrival last Sunday, Mom's were given a special gift. I went straight away to grilling area to check out what's the special dish of the day. Thank heavens, there's lechon! I just love how crispy the skin and how tasty it was, so juicylicious!
The Promenade has done a great job in preparing not only the dishes and desserts served but the total Mother's Day experience. We were surrounded by other families and I could really sense that they were also having a great time. With this special day, it is expected that there's really a lot of guests today and everyone running the kitchen & the staff really did a great job, so kudos to them! Our good friend, sir George was all over the area making sure everything's done right.

The last time we ate out, my Mom was disappointed with the food and the service at a non-local restaurant somewhere. Hahaha! So I was relieved this time when I asked how she felt ans she answered, "Namit ang food." In buffets, it's always guaranteed that you will never leave hungry but it doesn't mean that all the dishes served were great. The Promenade, in fairness has never failed in meeting the guests' expectations ever since. 
 So thank you, Days Hotel Iloilo for making Mom's Day more special. Everyone left with not just full stomachs but with hearts full of love! 

The Promenade is located at the 4th floor of the Atrium Mall/ Days Hotel.
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