Ilonggo Family Fiesta Favorites at Ang Kamalig

kamalig atria iloilo filipno favorite food

Good Food is central to the DNA of an Ilonggo. It can be said whenever Ilonggos have visitors, they worry about what to feed them so they will enjoy their stay in Iloilo. In fact for most Ilonggo families, every good memory is tied up to food. The table is where everyone hangs out, everyone can relax and exchange happy memories over a good meal. It is a known fact that Ilonggos are more discerning eaters, and they also look for food that they are familiar with.

“Good food is meant to be shared especially with your loved ones, so please enjoy yourselves today and welcome to Ang Kamalig Restaurant,” was the greeting we all got from Chef Miguel Trenas, Chief Executive Chef of Ang Kamalig Restaurant, during the preview of the launch of new Ilonggo Family Fiesta Favorites at Ang Kamalig Restaurant. “Family and food are the two things important to an Ilonggo, and today is a celebration of that, ” as per Chef Miguel.

Guests were treated to a fiesta buffet of Ilonggo Grilled favorites and Ilonggo Heritage Food, all of which Chef Miguel had conceptualized with his team.

The Ilonggo Grilled favorites guests tasted were baked oysters, grilled fish in banana leaves, Batwan Roast Chicken – simple fare found only in our own province. While for the Ilonggo Heritage Food aside from callos, lengua that Ilonggos are known for, new offerings were served such as our Kinilaw na Taningue, Pancit Molo, Fish Head soup in Miso, Aligue Pancit Palabok or Gambas in Aligue Sauce. Chef Miguel has incorporated unique local ingredients from spices such as batwan and ginger, to fresh catch of seafoods and shellfish to make these Ilonggo family favorites. These cannot be compared to any province.

It is the right time to launch the Ilonggo Family Fiesta Favorites given more and more Ilonggos are looking for alternatives on where to eat and dine together with their families for special get togethers or celebrations. May is also the Fiesta Season so Kamalig made the selection available to families who may be looking for them.

Chef Miguel will also be offering a Junior Ilonggo Chef school to 10 students only starting May 19 and children ages 10 to 15 are welcome to register for P3000.00. They will have three sessions to learn about native Ilonggo fare – Ilonggo favorite appetizers, main meals, and desserts. Chef Miguel will be their teacher every Friday from 2pm to 4pm, and for sure, kids will look forward to eating and learning at the same time. Ilonggo food is so unique, Chef Miguel wants to continue the tradition in teaching the basics to the kids so Ilonggo culture and traditions can continue.

Ang Kamalig Restaurant has two branches in Iloilo City, in Atria and Robinson’s Place Jaro. In fact, families can order from Ang Kamalig for take home, or ask them to cater in their houses for special occassions.
 Coastal Heritage Kinilaw nga Tangigue
kamalig atria iloilo filipno favorite food
 Seafood Gambas in  Aligue sauce 
kamalig atria iloilo filipno favorite food
 Batwan Roasted Chicken
kamalig atria iloilo filipno favorite food
 Family Favorite Baked Oysters

kamalig atria iloilo filipno favorite food
 Special Steamed LapuLapu 
 Nena's Laing
kamalig atria iloilo filipno favorite food
 Crispy Noodles with seafood
 Seafood Lomi
 Mango Creme cake something and of course, the controversial MOCHA cake. Hehe!
 And last but not the least, don't ever ever miss Chef Miguel's Pancit Molo!
"It will drive you crazy, unlike the sweet "Mocha" cake above that is now controversial and will never ever be a legit blogger! Hahaha!"

Just so you won't forget, here's a photo of Chef Miguel TreƱas to inspire you. Hehehe!
kamalig atria iloilo filipno favorite food

Today I have prepared several Ilonggo favorite dishes, which we called the Ilonggo Family Fiesta Favorites.  When I was studying at the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in Napa Valley, I would get lonely missing my hometown and all the food and my family back home.  Mas masadya man gid pag upod mo tanan sa balay.   I would cook some of these dishes, missing some ingredients here and there and had to make do with what was available.   It’s comfort food for me and evokes special childhood memories.  Ilonggo food is love.
Family and food are the two things important to an Ilonggo and today is a celebration of that.  The timing is right, it’s fiesta season and you know how it is in our province, fiesta is the time when you share with good food with family and friends.