Casa Amore Atria

My family and I had lunch after church at Casa Amore at The Shops at Atria last Sunday. I believe it's the newest restaurant that opened in the area. It's located near the entrance that has a water feature and faces Donato Pison Ave.
 The concept of the restaurant is Italian-American. Upon browsing their menu, I've found out that they are offering these specialties:
  • La Familia Board Platters 
  • Crispy Pork Trotters, Sausage and Bacon 
  • Barbeue Grill Feast 
  • Ultimate Fried Feast 
  • Pizza & Pasta
Insalata: Frutta Mista w/ grapes, pasta, mangoes, almonds, orange-lemon dressing.
A leafy salad mixed with bits and slices of fruits are my kind of thing. I just like having it with tangy vinaigrette and this plate just got it right. Not to mention the grapes were perfectly paired with slices of orange.
Pasta Negra (familia) w/ bucatini, squid ink, chili, basil & lemon
 It may not be everybody's first choice when ordering pasta but I wanted something different that day. What we have below here is the La Familia Barbeque Grill Feast. With Backfibs, grilled chicken and sausages, it was indeed a delicious treat worth sharing.

Signature Round Pizza - Pepperoni and Pineapple with parmesan, mozarella and basil.

Walnut Pecan Maple Pie
Flourless Chocolate Cake