Gourmet Dimsum

When we go abroad and get to enjoy the experience of tasting their local food, it's really amazing. But what happens when you get home and you suddenly miss that feeling? There are indeed times when you want to eat something that's from another region or country. Luckily, there's a solution to that because there's a lot of restaurants and cafes all over the city that offers dishes from other parts of the world. At SM City Iloilo Southpoint, Gourmet Dimsum Cafe offers authentic Singaporean food. Though they are more focused on serving dimsums, they also have other must-try dishes. It's my first time here, so let me share this wonderful experience with you.
The size of this cafe is not actually very big. I would somehow describe their over-all interiors as neatly arranged, the colors are in harmony and there theme is like a really foreign fastfood.
Here are some of their food that I really liked most:
Roti Onion Paratha
Prawn Hargow
Fried Bun
Roti with egg


Chicken and Prawn Shaomai

Black Pepper Chicken Shaomai

Mini-Chicken BBQ Buns