Jamie's Steakroom introduces affordable lunch and snacks

Ilonggos and vistors can now enjoy a more affordable set of lunch and snack offerings at

It's my privilege to present you these new dishes that are truly delectable and light on the pocket. These are the by the way created by Chef Gab who has previously worked in one of the famous hotels in Manila (known for their lavish buffets). He personally presented to us over a tasting session these following dishes that are collectively known as their #LUNCHEXPRESS. Each serving costs P198.00 with steamed rice and house side salad with mango vinaigrette (though I'm not sure if they're still offering these with unli rice promo).
1. BBQ Spare Ribs 😋
2. Fish Fillet Teriyaki 😊
 3. Tenderloin Tips with House Mushroom Gravy 😋
4. Chicken Schnitzel 😊

And if you're visiting the mall during afternoon then you feel tired of roaming around and buying things or just waiting for the next schedule of movie, come and visit Jamie's at The Southpoint from SM City Iloilo's main mall by passing through their skybridge and enjoy these mouthwatering and affordable #AFTERNOONSNACKS

1. Chicken Burger 😊
Jamies Steakroom SM city iloilo food cafe restaurants foodtrip travel cafe ilonggo
 2. Surf Sandwich P130.00 😊
Jamies Steakroom SM city iloilo food cafe restaurants foodtrip travel cafe ilonggo
 3. Baked Mac & Cheese P130.00 😊
Jamies Steakroom SM city iloilo food cafe restaurants foodtrip travel cafe ilonggo
 4. Monte Cristo P150.00 😍
Jamies Steakroom SM city iloilo food cafe restaurants foodtrip travel cafe ilonggo
 5. Onion Steak Sandwich P150.00😋
6. Baked Penne P120.00 😊
If you ask me if these are already worth the cost, my answer would simply be "Very much indeed!"

Jamies Steakroom
2F, Southpoint
SM City Iloilo


Spicy Elements -now one of the best restaurants in Iloilo

I'm not really a big fan of spicy food. In Manila, I've seen countless restaurants and cafes with different concepts and there are some of course that specialize in serving spicy food. And I didn't really had the interest in eating there. 😂

Of course, in Iloilo everybody knows that we just love sweets. It cannot be denied that there are restaurants that introduced foreign concepts particularly spicy food but didn't really impress a lot of people since their recipes were not authentic. Some of them even said that they had to adjust to the Ilonggo palate by adjusting their flavors. Though they made some people come back but if you ask me, I don't think that's authentic anymore. But I always had it in mind that whenever a restaurant that really specializes in spicy food, I might try it.

There are times indeed when I feel like trying them, you know just to have something else. And luckily, I've been invited by the management of SM City Iloilo along with other blogger friends to try what Spicy Elements has to offer.
Located at the second floor of SM Southpoint near the entrance to the mall's cinema, it's location I believe is very much strategic. The place is also compared to the average restaurant in the city. They have a nice big bar with a space for acoustic bands to perform. It's also well-decorated and the colors are just so lively. The ambiance is really great.
Here are some of the must-try dishes at Spicy Elements:
Bicol Express (Bicolano selection)
Lain con Lechon (Bicolano selection)


Liz-E Kitchen's very own burger

Every time I go to or come back from the airport, I always see Liz-E Kitchen along Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. Ave. in Ungka I, Pavia. From the outside, the restaurant looks like a big house. So when we finally visited the place recently, we realized that the design speaks of the kind of cuisine that they serve which is home-style.
Pancit Salo Salo- my unexpected favorite dish of the day. It was really good. I've never had thai noodles in a long time and this one was surprisingly cooked Filipino-style. I would really like to have this dish the next time I return.
Sotanghon Guisado
assorted seafood, vermicelli noodles, vegetables

Pancit Guisado
canton or bihon noodles, pork and shrimps, vegetables

Pancit Salo Salo
Thai flat noodles, vegetables, oyster sauce, seafood, pork

Pancit Luglog
traditional seafood egg sauce, chicharon, tinapa and boiled egg

Royal Ribs Pizza- this appetizing thin crust pizza was so flavorful. It had the juiciness taste of BBQ. Perfectly-cooked. Great dish!
Four Cheese
bleu, mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan

Royal Ribs
grilled ribs, barbecue sauce, mixed cheese

Mixed Seafood
sauteed squid, shrimps, mixed cheese

Sausage Feast
Hungarian, Bratwurst, Chorizo
Liz-E Burger- this one is also must-try! The 2 other dishes were really good but this one really raised the bar. The burger's patty was seasoned perfectly and the cheese with bacon was just heavenly. It complimented the tomatoes and vegetable just right below it. It's served with more sauce and potato wedges.