Spicy Elements at SM Southpoint

I'm not really a big fan of spicy food. In Manila, I've seen countless restaurants and cafes with different concepts and there are some of course that specialize in serving spicy food. And I didn't really had the interest in eating there. 😂

Of course, in Iloilo everybody knows that we just love sweets. It cannot be denied that there are restaurants that introduced foreign concepts particularly spicy food but didn't really impress a lot of people since their recipes were not authentic. Some of them even said that they had to adjust to the Ilonggo palate by adjusting their flavors. Though they made some people come back but if you ask me, I don't think that's authentic anymore. But I always had it in mind that whenever a restaurant that really specializes in spicy food, I might try it.

There are times indeed when I feel like trying them, you know just to have something else. And luckily, I've been invited by the management of SM City Iloilo along with other blogger friends to try what Spicy Elements has to offer.
Located at the second floor of SM Southpoint near the entrance to the mall's cinema, it's location I believe is very much strategic. The place is also compared to the average restaurant in the city. They have a nice big bar with a space for acoustic bands to perform. It's also well-decorated and the colors are just so lively. The ambiance is really great.
Here are some of the must-try dishes at Spicy Elements:
Bicol Express (Bicolano selection)
Lain con Lechon (Bicolano selection)

Other Bicolano selections to try: Igado, Crispy Dinuguan, Kinunot, Kandigga, Tinumok and Sugpo sa Langka.
Chicken Galantina
Seafood Tortang Talong

Rellenong Alimasag
spicy Elements sm city southpoint iloilo
Signature Ribs: Ribs Solo with rice or mashed potatoes + 2 sides

The restaurant has a lot to offer on their beverage list. The selection includes fresh fruit juices, sodas, hot drinks, imported and local beers, flavored beers, cocktails, rum/brandy/liquer, dessert milkshakes, vodka and whiskey.

spicy Elements sm city southpoint iloilo
spicy Elements sm city southpoint iloilo

For our experience, Spicy Elements deserves a high rating. Truly promising I must say. Every dish served to us were really good and each one had their own intensity of hotness. The Bicol express tasted really authentic but the best dish we've had, for me is the Laing con lechon. Its the dish that has it all. But all the other food we've had tasted really good too, every dish has something else to offer and they're really impressive.

 Aside from ours, all the other tables there were almost full. And you can really see that a lot of their customers are in groups, such as families (naga-enjoy guid si lola sa pihak nga la mesa, ha!) and maybe workmates. Too bad I wasn't here when they opened, but to see the place still almost quite full (maybe around 7:30 in the evening) after a few months of operating is really something.

These are the reasons why for me, this restaurant now is one of the best in Iloilo. You can't just see any declaration like this on my blog. 

And we all know that in Iloilo, when a restaurant opens, it can just be a make or break situation maybe after two years or so. And the customers are the best advertisers too! In fact, the "word of mouth" spreads very fast. So if you're restaurant serves food with the right quality & quantity, has a great team of staff, a nice ambiance and location & most of all "masarangan ka Ilonggo", it will really stand out. If this would total to a 5.0, Spicy Elements score would be at a 4.7-4.8. Well-deserved.

The band later started playing. Bring in the alcohol! Thanks to the mall and restaurant management, their staff has been gracious too. Definitely not my last visit.